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ALERT–Austin Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance Hearing

Attention companies doing business in Austin! This could be just the start of letting the government tell you how to Hire! The Austin City Council wants to tell you when you can do a criminal background check when you hire new employees. • You won’t be able to do a background check until after youREAD MORE ►



NLRB Looks at Facilitating Unionization of Temporary Workers

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has indicated that it will be reviewing a past determination on unionizing temporary employees.  It has requested legal briefs to be submitted by August 5, 2015. To better understand the NLRB’s reasoning for its review, the American Staffing Association (ASA) published the article below it its June 1, 2015READ MORE ►



84th Legislative Session Adjourns

The 84h Legislative session has adjourned. TAS was successful in influencing several significant pieces of legislation.  TAS Executive Director, who is our official lobbyist, coupled with the veteran legislative committee tracked, signed in opposition or support of 29 bills on your behalf.  We consider this session a complete win for our organization as no legislationREAD MORE ►